Furrow Farm

Real trees for real people

Do you take debit/credit cards?

Yes, we take debit/credit cards and cash. We no longer accept checks. 

Should I add vodka/bleach/sugar/ginger ale to the tree water?

While adding sugar to the water might not damage the tree, it won't make a difference. However, other substances may damage a tree and cause the needles to fall off prematurely. We recommend just using plain old water.

Does my tree need a fresh cut?

Yes. If it has been 2 or more hours, you should cut at least 1/2 inch off the bottom before you put it in water. 

How do I know if my tree will fit in my stand?

We recommend measuring the opening of your stand before arriving, and bring a tape measure with you to measure the base of your desired Christmas tree.

Can any size tree be baled?

We can bale most of our trees. However, extremely tall, full trees will not fit through our balers. If you plan on getting a very large tree, be prepared for this by bringing a trailer or a pickup truck. 

How often do I water my tree?

Your Christmas tree is going to drink a lot of water in the first week. We suggest adding water morning and night, but if you have pets, you may need to add more as they might drink it, too. Make sure the water level never falls below the butt of the tree, or it will reseal itself. 

Can we come get a tree in the middle of the night?

We don't have outside lighting at our farm, so once the sun goes down it gets very dark. Our hours are Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, and Sat-Sun 9am-5pm.

Do we bring our own saw?

Only if you want a sharp one. Just kidding! We supply saws and twine for you to tie the tree down. Please no chainsaws, ask an employee if you need assistance. Please remember to turn in your saw after you're finished! 

Can I bring my dog?

All family members are welcome. Please keep your pets leashed and clean up after them. If your dog marks a Christmas tree, then it's yours to purchase :). Please keep pets away from the livestock. 

Can we pet the farm animals?

You are welcome to view the animals, but please don't pet them. 

Can we walk around the farm?

We have designated trails around the farm that you are welcome to enjoy. Look for the signs!

When does your farm open?

We open the day after Thanksgiving at 9am. We are open till Christmas Eve or until supplies last. We don't do daily updates on our website, so please check Facebook or Instagram for updates or early closure.

Covid19 Guidelines? 

Please wear a mask per CDC guidelines when unable to keep 6’ distance and at all baling stations/fresh cut area(red tree shed) and when paying your cashier. Social distance by keeping 6' from employees and other customers. And as always, for your safety and the safety of others please pay attention and read all signage as we have made many changes to exiting the farm, our pay lanes, and for Covid19 guidelines. If you are sick (COVID symptoms, colds, flu, etc...) then please stay home. We thank you for your business and in helping us keep Furrow Farm safe and open for everyone!

​Do you offer free tractor rides and free hot cocoa/candy canes? 

Due to the spread of Covid19 we are unable to have free hot cocoa available (so sorry for the disappointment) and  we cannot run our traditional hay ride (this saddens us). We will be able to transport your tree from East Camp (there is no parking at this camp but we can bale your tree and put a special tag on it with a perforated matching number for you to take to claim your tree. Just don't lose your number.) to the main parking areas of North and South Camps. Thank you for understanding.

Will the lines be long to pay? 

Christmas season is busy everywhere and especially when the search for the perfect tree is on everyones agenda. We have changed our exit and added 4 new pay lanes that we hope will speed up the process. We try our best to get you through efficiently, but sometimes technology is slow out here and out of our control. Please be kind to our employees as they work hard, and remember we are all trying to adjust to this "new normal" and the pandemic requirements in order for us to remain open. 

Less busy times? If you come during the week when we first open then it is usually less busy. Expect more people on the weekends. Be prepared for the holiday season to be busy and don't plan back to back events on the same day you are getting your tree as we can never foresee how many customers we will have at any given time of the day! It really varies year to year and day to day. Weather can play a big part of that as well. Please don't post on sociaL media your complaints for waiting to pay etc... there might be circumstances out of our control that could arise. Employees out sick last minute, technology and equipment breakdowns, and the new pandemic regulations are just a few issues that can slow things down and are just part of life. Thank you for being patient and understanding-we look forward to seeing you!