Real trees for real people

Furrow Farm

Matt and Dana Furrow

Christmas trees grow roughly 1 foot per year.

Our trees have appeared in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.

About Our Farm


At Furrow Farm, we have real trees for real people. 

We are a third generation farm growing and harvesting Christmas trees (both retail and wholesale) and hazelnuts. Our farm is also home to beef cattle, chickens, 4-H sheep, and horses. 

Members of Hazelnut Growers of Oregon, we began by farming hazelnuts. As a teenager, Matt began planting Christmas trees, and has harvested for over 25 years. It might surprise some to know that Christmas tree farming is a year round job, constantly fertilizing, planting, trimming, etc., all part of the process to grow the perfect tree.

Our customers love the farm experience, they also love taking home a healthy, high quality tree. 

Our trees were featured in multiple Christmas episodes of NBC's GRIMM.

Adding vodka to your tree water does not prolong the life of your tree, but will intoxicate your dogs and cats.

Fun Facts